Jaypee Banlasan

Hi Im your ultimate guide for Antarctica and Philippines. Im a travel filmmaker and photographer and you can check my photos in instagram.
I travel already the 7 continents at the age of 29 and been travelling every year from north to south thats Greenland, Iceland and to Antarctica.
I work also in the worlds most adventurous ship MS Fram.
Im also an scuba diver and a guide in Philippines.
I dive everywhere in Philippines witnessing the giants and unique creatures such as tresher sharks, whale sharks and Mantas.
I do accept travel filmmaking and photography when you tour in Philippines thats include air, land, sea and underwater adventure.
Thats hot air balloon, canyoneering, trekking, climbing, backpacking, vlogging, scuba diving, glamping and everything you want to do in my country.
I will be your ultimate guide in Antarctica as ive been travelling there for 7 straight years and stay for months and work in expedition ship in and out.
Im very knowledgeable about it and even have photos in every place, animals and adventure you want for Antarctica which i experience personally.
So if you want to travel in Antarctica and Philippines im the best option youve got. Chat you later

Favourite style of travel: Adventure
Favourite country: Antarctica
Number of countries visited: 45
Countries I've lived in: Philippines
Upcoming trips: Antarctica, Philippines

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