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I'm a self-employed consultant working with travel and tech companies, mostly on their marketing and operations. Most of the time I'm based in a tiny Swiss mountain town, but I can (and do!) work from anywhere.

I've built my current work on flexibility and freedom, and it's going pretty well so far. I don't have to be tied to my laptop or a certain place, but I have the security and stability to stay in one place if I choose to.

If you're thinking about moving into self-employed work and are wondering how to go about doing it (and actually having a decent amount of money coming in), I'd love to try and help.

I definitely don't know everything, but I'd be happy to share some of the ups and downs of self-employment and remote work that I've learned. Many of them I definitely didn't see coming.

A bit more about me...

I talk more about my journey to design work and a lifestyle that works for me here:

My personal website with more info about my work is

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